The Mercator Atlas of Europe

The Mercator Atlas of Europe:
Facsimile of the Maps by Gerardus Mercator
contained in the Atlas of Europe,
circa 1570-1572, edited by Marcel Watelet
Slipcase 11.25 x 16.375 inches
ISBN 0-9659735-7-3   $245

The Mercator Atlas of Europe from Walking Tree Press represents a remarkable publishing achievement, combining the best of historical and cartographic scholarship with modern printing technology to produce a unique and elegant set of seventeen facsimile maps by one of history's greatest mapmakers. Completing the set and complementing the map facsimiles, the accompanying book contains essays contributed by an international team of distinguished map scholars.
With more than 100 original-color illustrations drawn from collections throughout Europe and the United States, the companion book places Mercator's first-known atlas in historical perspective and offers the reader a unique glimpse into the geography and cartography of sixteenth-century Europe.
The Mercator Atlas of Europe is truly a "feast for the eyes and mind, combining the high art of maps with first-rate scholarly pursuits—a marvelous union that Mercator would surely endorse." (Mercator's World®, Nov/Dec 1997)

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