For The Mercator Atlas of Europe

"The 17 maps, reprinted for the first time in exquisite, full-size facsimiles, are tucked with an opulent book into a slipcase."

Margaret Foley
Discover® magazine, June 1998

"This is a magnificent book, both in content and form. It measures 16 x 11 inches and contains a multitude of beautiful and informative illustrations related to the origins, history, and production of the Mercator atlas of the early 1570s, the only known copy of which is in the British Library....Let me stress again: this is a sumptuous work – a feast for both the eye and mind. It is not cheap, but I highly recommend anyone interested in Mercator or the cartography of the 16th century to save their pennies (or dollars) and obtain The Mercator Atlas of Europe for their reference library."

Bob Highbarger
The Portolan, Spring 1998

"The Mercator Atlas of Europe is an amazing and unusual book with many facets: It's an art book, a geography lover's dream, a scholarly work that will appeal to researchers and collectors, and of course, a way to see these ancient maps without worrying about destroying 400-year-old fragile pages."

Shel Horowitz
Independent Publisher, May/June 1998

"The Mercator Atlas of Europe is far more than a mere coffee-table book. The seventeen frameable facsimile maps are newly color-corrected and expertly printed. The text illustrations are drawn from collections throughout Europe and the United States. The hefty volume, stored in its own green slipcase, provides readers with a tactile adventure—something that tends to be overlooked in modern publishing—as well as a feast for the eyes and mind. Walking Tree's elegant edition combines the high art of maps with first-rate scholarly pursuits—a marvelous union that Mercator would endorse."

Mercator's World® Magazine
November/December 1997
Volume 2, Number 6

"If one looked only at these five essays, this work would stand as a valuable addition to the history of cartography. The facsimile plates are bright and easy to read. Exploring Europe through Mercator's atlas of 1570 is both a challenging and intriguing experience, one that will fascinate the scholar and researcher alike. We owe the publishers of this atlas a debt of gratitude for bringing Mercator's Atlas of Europe to the world."

Peter L. Stark
Head, Map and Aerial Photography (MAP) Library
University of Oregon

"An ideal and highly recommended memorial fund acquisition selection for academic and community libraries."

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review, January 1998

"I have just received the atlas and am delighted. Normally I don't hang anything but originals on my walls, but the reproductions of the maps are so fabulous, I will have some framed and display them proudly."

Graham R. Butler
Private collector of antiquarian books and maps

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